About Us



Hugo Stride – Director

Hugo is the Director of Telemetricor. He is a graduate of University College London, where he studied Law. He also holds a diploma in Mandarin from the University of Beijing. Hugo has previously worked for an international defence company, where his ability to speak Mandarin, Russian and Spanish were used to build relationships with high-tech manufacturers in those countries. He has also worked in Russia for a leading international law firm, and a film distribution and production company. Hugo was a Founder Shareholder and Director of Event Crowds Ltd.

Eoin Groat - Software Development Manager

Eoin is responsible for the management and design of the Telemetricor software systems, covering everything from image recognition to data analytics. Eoin is a graduate of Computer Science.

Phil Crump - Hardware Development Manager

Phil is responsible for managing the design and build of all Telemetricor hardware. He is in the process of completing his Masters in Electronic Engineering and Radio Communications, and has applied this knowledge to developing the universal hardware processes that underpin all of our products. Phil's expertise have played a crucial role in enhancing our power management capabilities and in ensuring that our computer circuitry is optimised for the performance of all Telemetricor systems.